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    I use google for search. But I use yahoo as a search engine a very little.



  2. Voges12 Newbie Marketer

    I usually use google for searching.But I do search in yahoo for finding do follow blog.
  3. luiscorby Newbie Marketer

    yes i do use yahoo very much. but google is still my first prefrence and i prefer google over all the other search engines. yahoo i use only for copmapriosn of its search resuslts with google serach resluts to check its accuracy.
  4. anselduminy Newbie Marketer

    i do search on yahoo sometimes but not too often. I just sometimes and to compare those results with the result of the two search engine and seloect the most accurate one. Otherwise for general surfing and searching purpose i use google only.
  5. golden949 Newbie Marketer

  6. Jannystok Newbie Marketer

    I do use it sometimes, but in 70-80% cases I prefer googling.
  7. enriqbell Newbie Marketer

    yes i do use yahoo seomtiems but not very often. i generally prefer google only as gogole gives the most accurate resulst. thus google is my favoriet search engine and yahoo comes after google at second place.
  8. jourdon abraham Newbie Marketer

    Mostly, i use Google for some search purpose. but sometimes, i use Yahoo to get links of my site dragonkicks.com, just do like this:
    link: www.dragonkicks.com, then i will know all the links for my site. i help me to do better.
    hope it is helpful for you all.
  9. jhonmaxxi Newbie Marketer

    No, I do not use yahoo search engine for searching purpose, because yahoo is only better for mailing and messenger service..Yahoo search is not good. The best search engine is google.
  10. stevencarlos01 Newbie Marketer

    Yes i do use yahoo for searching too, but i don't use it more often. But Google is always my first preference and i love Google and all the products of Google.
  11. michelbastos11 Newbie Marketer

    Yes i od serach on yahoo. Though Google is my first preference but apart from Google yahoo is the best serach engine in my opinion. yahoo is very strong with its local search.
  12. elison Newbie Marketer

    I use Yahoo very rarely, almoust when i search for specific information because in this case i use all search engines.
  13. coolgalseo Newbie Marketer

    Hi all,
    I prefer using Google for searches because the results displayed are more accurate.
  14. ursimrankhanna Newbie Marketer

    not only me all world used Google as search engine.
  15. pwsjpme Newbie Marketer

    I use google rather than other search engines ,But I guess they are almost the same when it comes to search results .
  16. soffiafrinche Newbie Marketer

    Yes I do search on yahoo but in most times I search my stuff most of the time in google.
  17. eyanharve Newbie Marketer

    most of the people using goolge for searching purpose.
  18. andrewbernes Newbie Marketer

    no i don't use yahoo search engine for any searching purpose because i am using goolge since many years.
  19. chouhan Newbie Marketer

    i am using yahoo but some times i use google for searching and mostly i use yahoo seach engine
  20. Raful Newbie Marketer

    Yes i do, but only some time.

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