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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sasfiresecurity, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. sasfiresecurity Newbie Marketer


    Hey are you believing in Ghost and Have you seen any Ghost?



  2. tulipkiya Newbie Marketer

    He he ....yes i do......no body knows...whether they exist or not...but i can be sure..if we are a reality they are too.....
  3. H!tchHike Newbie Marketer

    No i dont believe in ghost.they are just a imagination.
  4. alan_ZH Newbie Marketer

    Never see any ghost and i do not want to see it .
    I have heard some of my relatives talking about this before ,a little scared .
  5. prakask Guest

    There is neither God nor Devil or Ghost.
  6. sandy2089 Newbie Marketer

    I have never seen a ghost and I hope I will never do. But I believe that there is something which (or who) lives parallel to us.
  7. sasfiresecurity Newbie Marketer

    I do believe because i have seen the Ghost..:p
  8. justindira Newbie Marketer

    no am not believing the ghosts,my thought is thr is only souls,no ghosts
  9. Happylife2019 Newbie Marketer

    yes i believe in ghosts...and i wish i never ever see them in my whole life....because it made me afraid when i even here their name...........
  10. pkliving51 Newbie Marketer

    I am scared to see your question.
    I really believe on ghosts and seen in cam.
  11. speedracer Newbie Marketer

    According to an article I read ( I forgot the name of the magazine ) that in every 100 person you see everyday, 10 of them are ghost. Do you believe in that?
  12. sasfiresecurity Newbie Marketer

    Hey what are you saying speedracer are you serious?really its new information for me.
  13. tan Novice Marketer

    I'm not sure I saw them, but I believe people who say they saw something, may be still some kind of energy exists:p
  14. woffer Newbie Marketer

    I think I seen one when I was younger but im not sure could have been my imagination

    But watch the last one on this and it seems to real to be fake
  15. eddiemartin281 Newbie Marketer

    Yes! But I do not want to see a ghost. I'm scared, but I do believe that ghost really exist. They just hanging around waiting to scare us not harm us.
  16. sasfiresecurity Newbie Marketer

    Well if i say than i have seen ghost and was my bad experience really can't express my self at present.:confused:
  17. justindira Newbie Marketer

    no am not believing the ghosts,my thought is thr is only souls,no ghosts
  18. silvia10 Newbie Marketer

    I don't believe, but like to watch ghost movies.
  19. rajdogra Newbie Marketer

    i have never seen any ghosts.
    but i believe that they actually exist.
    i believe that there is life after death.
  20. Napw-- Newbie Marketer

    I believe in ghosts but i have never seen it. Maybe someday but I'm not looking forward. hehehehe

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