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Discussion in 'Google' started by bestseo, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. bestseo Newbie Marketer


    If you want to choose one of below works you have did for driving more traffic for your website from Google, Whats your choice and why?
    1) Social Bookmarking
    2) Article Submission
    3) Directory Submission
    4) Facebook and Twitter



  2. supriyo9 Newbie Marketer

    I will go for Facebook and Twitter as i found it good as it drives more traffic, link sharing is much more than others , it collects more data about traffic .....
  3. robertreich Newbie Marketer

    I will go for social book marketing..
  4. weblover50 Newbie Marketer

    2) Article Submission

    For my niche this works the best.
  5. Conceitodigital Newbie Marketer

  6. Jessica John Newbie Marketer

    I think Social bookmarking,Article Submission and Forum posting is the best way for increase your ranking,,,,[FONT=&quot]
  7. Justin White Newbie Marketer

    Ill go with facebook and twitter because it drives more traffic on our website
  8. seoforu Newbie Marketer

  9. andrewbernes Newbie Marketer

    you can add press release submission which are also best for website promotion as well as generate quality back links for your website.
  10. seocorporation Newbie Marketer

    I would prefer social networking sites like facebook and twitter besides other SN sites.
  11. tan Novice Marketer

    All of these niches are effective in deed. But to my opinion to mark the best ones is very hard and may be impossible. It depends on personal strategy and tactics, so many of us use different methods in SEO.
  12. russ218 Newbie Marketer

    I am still debating whether my answer would be article submission or Social Media ( Facebook and Twitter). Article submission can give quality backlinks to your website that can drive traffic. On the other hand, Social Media is so "in" right now and you can reach anyone with it. So I think both would be best. :)
  13. joe12joe Newbie Marketer

    I would go for Facebook and Twitter as social networking sites can drive a huge amount of constant and quality traffic towards your website. You may create a Facebook Fan page and invite your friends, family and other users to join it. This way, hot offers of your business would be communicated to everyone and you may be getting potential customers.

    Besides social networking sites, i feel social bookmarking on high PR drives a traffic too as it helps you to improve SERP.
  14. lerrygibson Newbie Marketer

    for getting traffic, facebook and twitter are best.
    while for getting high PR article submission is best
  15. jaikanth123 Newbie Marketer

    For getting traffic i will prefer facebook and twitter , While for getting backlinks social bookmarking and Directory submission is good.
  16. Markus Braun Newbie Marketer

    According to me give equal importance to all the specified strategies; In general, social media drives huge traffic particularly when compared to the other three; but, do more promotions through Directory, Article & Forum, then promote those submitted links through facebook & twitter. If you do so, you can gt more traffic easily at the earliest.
  17. Rastet123 Newbie Marketer

    social bookmarkings and social networking is one of the most effective seo strategy.
  18. froz Newbie Marketer

    Article Submission. It is true that many are fond of reading good articles, so if your article is of them, it'll be read, when it is read, people will be curious on the anchor text within the article and visit it. That is a cause of traffic..
  19. Caribbean141 Newbie Marketer

    forums, article submission, social bookmarking, social networking
  20. bohemiahiphop Newbie Marketer

    i will go for Facebook and Twitter. FB is the best way to increase website traffic.

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